04 September 2008

Welcoming Post

Let Us Learn and Resource Together: The Exploration and Expansion of Rhetoric and Composition, African Literatures, American Literature, African-American Literature, British Literature, Scriptural Literature, Southern Literature, Technical and Computer Writing, Linguistics, Spanish and French.

Hello English majors and English lovers. I hope that you enjoy the research blog found on this URL. The site is a comprehensive one in which I hope your various needs are serviced. Please feel free to make recommendations and analyze various texts within the English genres. As we know, English is interactive.

Discussing different thoughts and perspectives are invaluable in gaining knowledge; English explores and expands the very concept of such interaction. Presently, I am pursuing a degree in English, French and Spanish. I hope to use this site as a resource for graduate studies as well. I am in love with the subjects and I hope to make others fall in love with these expansive worlds. Let us grow and mature as we earnestly attempt to grasp “all things English.”

English and literature are passionate discourses on intellectual and social levels. The explorations of "all things English" are wonderfully rich and rewarding. In order to follow a path of understanding and dissecting literature, we must explore literature and language in all its forms. Learning another language allows greater understanding of his or her language.

In order to truly experience literature, we must grasp culture, history, and socio-economics, to name a few. Literature is all inclusive and all exclusive. It is the Ying and the Yang. Duplicitous. So let us explore and expand these facets of literature together, with an open mind, and an open heart.


Anonymous said...

I like your design and would only suggest making the text in the header "Let Us Learn and Resource Together ..." less wordy as it is difficult to read in that font (could be my browser?) & perhaps pared down would be more of a Subheading that gets the point across while being easier to process. Your blog already has a lot of information and its obvious you spent a lot of time planning! And is it my imagination, or is this a topic that really drives you, it seems so! Great job.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dionne - I'm an English ed. major, and we're in 3035 together. I've enjoyed what I've read on your blog thus far, but I must confess that English is my only language. I can respond to linguistics on a very basic level.

I'm fascinated by what defines language, what differentiates it from communication. Barring rules, I reckon it boils down to abstract thought, or rather, one's ability to convey abstract thoughts. The remainder of the animal kingdom can communicate their needs or warn each other of impending danger. I wonder if they think in less concrete terms.

Now that I've been exposed to a wider variety of literature (switching gears without a decent segue!), I've begun to realize how significant its place is in our world. Books are our culture's diaries and recordings of history. Our words track every facet of life and include every field of study. Unfortunately, I'm a terrible reader (my mind wanders too much).

Lesley E.